Easy & Cheap: DIY TV Console

Good news! The website that had been stealing my content finally removed all of it! No longer have to put up that tacky warning sign at the beginning of my posts! Much thanks to Crystal at Mobile Home Living for advocating for our little trailer trash niche!

For Christmas my parents got me a brand spankin' new 32" TV! The old monster was a 60" but it was broken and I never got around to fixing it. It was just too massive for the space anyway. Forever ago I found this old dresser at Salvation Army for $20.00 and thought it would make an excellent TV stand. I originally was going to paint it white but found I liked the honey wood color much better, sometimes less white is more.

My parents came for Christmas and my dad purchased hole saw adapters for my drill (even though he put it on my rug hot and it burned it. sad face.) The center of the dresser was perfect for the electronic components. I only have a cable box, Xbox, and Super NES game console from when we were kids. He drilled 6 holes for wires and ventilation. Electronics get HOT so they need that breathing room.

Running the wires was easy, I just slid them through the top holes. I didn't get a picture of it but I just bought a plate shelf from the thrift store (its a wire one that you can get easily at WalMart) and stacked the components on that. I learned from working at Circuit City years ago that it is better for the components not to be on top of each other, so I made sure to keep them separate, plus it increases ventilation.

And voila! No more cluttered up TV stand! All the ugly electronics are out of sight! I'd mount the TV but the walls aren't quite sturdy enough for me to be wanting to actually do that.

A reminder of the before:

The overall effect and another beautiful view of my new door:

Not too bad right? Looks all grow-ed up!

Total cost for my TV stand:

  •  Dresser from Salvation Army thrift shop: $20.00
  • Wire rack from thrift store (or WalMart): $2.00
  • Hole saw from Harbor Freight: $11.00
Total cost for upgrade: $33.00

Way better than the $300.00 dollar set up I originally wanted from IKEA!

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  1. First, that's so exciting that your content isn't being stolen any longer! That was so lame!
    Second, your TV stand looks so much more organized now! And it fits the space so much better.
    Third, your new bedroom door plus the TV stand plus those stars equals amazing! Seriously that whole wall looks great! Love the changes!


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