Sister Update

My baby sister moved in with me back in May and I only had about a month to put her room together. {Check that out here.} It worked out okay by using what I had and organizing some things as quickly as possible, but since she's lived in there we've found we have a couple areas we ought to improve on.  

Mostly: storage. and personality.

The sad thing about a manufactured home? They don't come with it "naturally." So here's her room right now:

I still love that desk I redid {here} but the rest of that area seems a waste of space. So I have a few ideas to take out that shelf and the star on the wall and instead do some sort of storage. Here's the area now:

I'm thinking to do this idea I found on Pinterest. They use inexpensive towel bars to hold scarves. My sister has an impressive collection (as you can see above) but also likes to have them displayed. Plus the shelf is pulling out of the walls because there is no stud at the right distance. It might be easier to make something like this for her:

Another problem is that she needs a taller dresser in her closet area for her clothes. I am going to try and find one at a thrift store to redo for her using the same fun coral color on her desk.

It would be nice to get her some more personalized art and a headboard.

So far I think this one is my favorite, and something that I can build on my own. Thank goodness my Dad left me some tools and saw horses! Plus I like the price. Click the {source} button underneath for all her directions. They're pretty great. I'm pretty excited about it. I might make one for my room also!

It would also be nice to find her some sassier curtains and paint all of these walls and the trim. Hopefully we can get some of this accomplished during our 2 week Spring Break coming up at the end of March. Girl is going to have to pick out some paint that she likes though! It's sort of a big deal for me to let her do that, I'm a bit of a control freak about my house, especially after having roommates who could totally care less. I've been trying to integrate her style into the house more.

So here's a newly updated list of the things we'd like to accomplish in her room:
  • Paint all walls one color
  • Paint out all trim
  • Make new scarf storage
  • Larger dresser
  • headboard
  • personalized art/wall decor
  • new lamps/accessories
  • New lined curtains
  • Replace bulky TV (recycling place has refurbs for cheap!)

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