The Wonky Wall: Living Room

I'm being haunted. Seriously. By the Ghosts of Failed Decorating specifically the ghosts of this "Wonky Wall." 

Wonky; adj: used to describe an odd shaped or strange occurrence or space often without reason or purpose

Just kidding. I'm pretty sure that's a word my parents made up when I was a kid. But it's totally true! This dumb wall has bothered me for as long as I've owned the house. I think everyone has that one space that is hard to decorate or doesn't make sense and mine is the angled wall in my living room behind the TV area. Here's what it was like from 2008-2012:

I can't ever seem to make it workt. I thought the massive painting was the best but it has never been quite right. I moved the big painting into the dining room where it looks really awesome, and have been working to get the wonky wall dressed up now that the TV stand and TV are in place and look great.

I stole some art out of my bedroom (mirror stars & Colorado art):

And for awhile it stayed like that... empty and bereft of art in the middle. Until one day... I was walking around the Target! We found some killer clearance! My sister and I found these two chevron striped wall hangings for $3.55 a piece! At first I was worried that they would be too "blah" for the space but I think they work because they don't distract you while you are watching TV. We also found they gigantic key at Target for $17.28. Totally sweet! Check em out!

In the far left corner I painted an "A" and an "M" for my sister and I, between the two of the letters I put a $5.00 mirror from Hobby Lobby I've had for a couple years but have never hung up anywhere. The letters I found at Goodwill for $0.79 and spray painted them with a left over gold I had in my arsenal of spray paint. 

Here's the final view of this section! Bye-bye wonky wall! Hello awesomeness!

I'm glad to say that for the most part my living room  project I started wayyyy back at the beginning of 2013. Yeah. It took almost exactly a year. But hey. Check out the updated list!

Living Room ReDo:
  • Consign glass end tables (since craigslist wasn't working)
  • Fix 50" TV from the rents (got new TV)
  • Sell IKEA entertainment stand
  • Build entertainment wall (new TV stand instead)
  • make a decision on wing back chair (reupholster? sell? give away?)
  • New sectional couch
  • New flat weave area rug (more durable)
  • paint ceiling (white)
  • paint walls 
  • paint molding and beam
  • replace doors

Still working on the couch situation but for now, I'd just about call this one a donesies. 

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  1. Some walls are just so hard to decorate! I'm having the same problem with one of the walls in our living room. It's massive, but I only have that navy console table and my DIY artwork on it. I probably should add more items to it like you did. It definitely looks better with artwork and random items than blank space. I think you just inspired me to work on that wall! Thanks BBFF!


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