Chalkboard Magazine Holders

 A few weeks ago I introduced everyone to my little classroom. If you recall I have this huge collection of books all along one wall, one thing I like to do for my students is get them magazine subscriptions for free using the caps from Coca-Cola products. So far we have about 3 magazine subscriptions. It's pretty awesome. However. The ugly 80s bisque colored magazine holders.... couldn't handle it. They were ugly.

So I got out two of my well-loved friends, Mr. SprayPaint and Ms. Chalkboard Spray Paint to bring these magazine holders into the current century. 

Here's the magazine holders before:

I used the silver paint mostly because it was what I had the most of left over from other projects and it works. I didn't want to invest anything in magazine holders. You can see the dogs in the background of this picture roving around. haha.

After I painted the silver I did a quick pass with the chalkboard paint on the front flat part of the holders. I didn't put any on the back because this paint is a little spendy, though I'm sure I could in the future.

In order to make the chalk actually show up on the paint you have to rub the side of the chalk along the black paint and then wipe it off. Here's our magazine holders in action!

Boom. Much cooler!

This project cost me ZERO dollars. Which is awesome. The magazine holders I found randomly around the building and I already had the paint, plus the magazines were free using the Coca-Cola caps! Love it. I'm sure I will make some of these for my house! But hopefully with more adorable holders. Love chalkboard paint!

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