Guest Post: Bathroom Decor Made Easy

I love redoing bathrooms and making them fabulous. Check out some ideas from guest blogger Sue Jason: 

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and decor.
Bathroom Decor Made Easy

Bathroom décor can be tricky. The room is used by everyone in the house, several times a day, and the décor can soon fade. Complicated arrangements tend not to last very long either as busy bathers brush past on their way to the loo, the bedroom or even to the basin to get that soap out of their eyes! What follows is a list of quick and easy bathroom décor ideas.

Spring Clean It!
First of all, give the bathroom a good scrub, getting all those dark and gloomy corners that you usually skip! Just removing every vestige of dust and soap residue can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. If the big scrub does not really achieve much, except to highlight the peeling wallpaper and cracked and chipped paintwork, then you may well have to invest in a pot of paint or two and get to work!

Repurpose Unwanted Goods
Once the walls and floor look good, you can add some unique and lovely features for very little money. Repurpose some old furniture and sturdy packing crates by giving them a thick waterproof covering and painting them to match the bathroom décor. Once they are finished, they will look lovely and provide you with some extra storage space for spare towels, toilet rolls and other toiletries and cosmetics.

Skirting the Issue
Give your basin a skirt! Making a cover to fall prettily from the edge of the basin to the floor, not only creates a wonderfully seamless look in the bathroom (which will be enhanced by your choice of attractive fabric!) but you are creating a wonderful space which can be packed full of bathroom supplies!

Hang It All!
Invest in some pretty hanging baskets that are designed for indoor use. When these are packed full of bath products they will have everything easily to hand, and yet, still out of the way and not cluttering up the floor!

Opt For Non-Bulky Storage

Shelves, racks and hooks are wonderful in bathrooms, providing useful storage options without being bulky or space-consuming. Install plenty of these and get rid of all your floor-bound clutter and see what a great difference it makes.

Ornamental Bath Products!

Create a vignette with beautiful and useful products: from bath bombs to fancy soaps to ornate jars of bath salts, modern bathing products can look amazing and smell gorgeous too. Arrange several of these products to create a delightful impression, while ensuring that your favorite bath bomb is always nearby when you need it!

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