Counter Install... The Struggle.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I finally bit the bullet and bought countertops for my kitchen. After we brought them home, they lived in the guest room. Where they were not as happy...

Last summer when I worked at Lowe's I found this kitchen faucet on sale for super cheap, I believe it was $20.00, but I really don't remember. It isn't the fanciest brand out there and doesn't have crazy cool features but! It doesn't leak and I can actually fit a pan underneath of it. Which is awesome! Especially after five years of filling up a pot with a cup and water.

All of my decorations and the microwave went to live in the dining room for about a week. I hired a contractor for this install, one of the three times I could count. Part of the reason was because I didn't have the experience or the right tools and $200.00 in counters was not something I wanted to mess up!

Here's the bare naked countertops! Out with the old... see that ugly gap in the middle where the bar ends? Yuck. I even was able to fix that! But we're not there yet... hehe

Tony, the contractor came over and started the tear out process. Which was icky. I had to replace a section of my "back splash" because it was stuck to the old counters. Luckily! I had originally used a tile inspired paintable wallpaper from Lowe's which I had extra in, and is still in stock! No money spent there.

When they took the sink out I had them set up outside, a kneeling outdoor kitchen! Kidding... I did get to do some cleaning on it though. See that old short faucet? Adios!

Of course Lucy the cat was being all sorts of creepy and up in the production of everything. We have to keep a baby gate up to keep the dogs out of the cat stuff and their food. It looks beautiful. Maybe one day I will redo it? Add it to the never ending list.

Always looks way worse before it looks better...

But seriously... its naked and it was scary. See that old ugly wallpaper? Ewwww.

Look at these beautiful counters as we prepped them to cut! They look so bright and clean and sparkly and I love them so much.

Dry-fitting them into the cabinetry and looking at them against the "tile" made me so excited and happy!

Keep your eyes peeled next week and I will show you all just how fantastic they look in action. Even my brother (who doesn't really look at such things) thought that they looked great and said it was money well-spent. I couldn't agree more!

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