Dining Chair DIY Update

This project is mega old but I keep forgetting to finish my post about it. But no more! I finally have to post and share these lovely things. I inherited my dining set from my aunt when I first moved into my house in 2008. It is a beautiful and very traditional solid cherry wood set with four upholstered chairs. When I first got the set you could tell the chairs had scarcely been used, partially because of the pristine ivory cushion covers. Fast forward five years and multiple roommates later... those cushions were anything but pristine.

So I took em off!

The seats were so nasty I'm embarrassed to show you, so here's the bottom of the cushion. I simply stapled the new fabric (about 4 yards from Hobby Lobby) over the old after cleaning them with bleach and stain lifters so they wouldn't stink or anything.

I didn't paint the chairs or anything, choosing instead to leave the traditional cherry. The new cushion cover looks great though! It adds some great character and subtle fun to the room. I love it!

Here's a closer shot of the fabric. I sprayed them with water repellent designed for exterior furniture. I figured it would help these hold up better. Not that I plan on taking them outside or anything like that of course.

I moved the two armed chairs over to flank the coffee bar to make it easier to maneuver around the table and use them when we need them. Since it is just my sister and I at the house we don't need all four chairs around the table, and we tend to just eat at the bar area anyway since it is farther from the animals.

I think it looks awesome! I love the fun patern and the fact that I don't have to buy a new table and chairs just because they were dirty, a staple gun and $30.00 in fabric and they were fresh and clean! Now if I could just get the leg on the table to stay connected... we'd be golden... the struggles of DIY. haha.

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  1. They look great! I love the fabric you chose. And good choice not painting the chairs - they look like they are in great shape!!


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