Dressing for the Evening

For about four months I've been living with this situation as my master bedroom night stand... let's just say... the lamp was the only good thing about that situation. 

 I searched around all the thrift stores in town trying to find something that would fit in that section and that I would be able to get to coordinate with all my other furniture that is existing. I was telling my bloggy BFF Sam that there is not one set of matching furniture in my entire house, I feel it is a personal challenge to make my thrift shop finds coordinate and appear to be intentionally put together.

Finally after several months of shopping, I came across this desk at Salvation Army, and it was in my budget! I never like to spend more than $20.00 on a piece of furniture I plan on revamping more than 90% of. And it was $19.99! Perfect.

My friend Alexa from work helped me fit it in the back of her hatchback Subaru and drove it over. I was so excited. Part of the reason it was so cheap is because of how damaged it appeared to be. That seems to be the trick the ones that actually are sturdy, but look bad or have hinges hardware hanging, are cheapest. This one looked a bit rough to an uninspired eye. :)

During my two week Spring Break (!!!) I brought it out into the living room on a Thursday while watching an HGTV marathon of Rehab Addict. I love Nicole Curtis. A lot. At this point I can bust out a paint job in just a couple hours. Strangely this guy only needed a light sanding and a lot of cleaning. 

Two or three episodes of Nicole later and I had everything but the hinges painted! I left the top part wood toned because I didn't want to make everything too matchy in the bedroom. Plus it was super duty sealed/coated on top and there was not a scratch on it. At first I was hesitant but ever since I painted my interior door I've been more adventurous.

Here's the new nightstand desk in position. I used decor that I already had around the house, the lamps have been in my room for a long time but the vintage camp chair is a cool one I found at Habitat several years ago, the vases and accessories have been collected over time. My brother lives in Durango and they have this fabulous brewery called Steamworks, every time I'm there I grab a few of their Colorado flag inspired coasters. They add a fun flair. One of my friends was visiting and was in my room and laughed at the incredible amount of books I store on my nightstands and dressers, her words: "How to tell if you're an English teacher... there's no TV in your room, and not a surface without a book."

When my friends were visiting over our two week spring break I picked up some fabulous local art. The picture on the left is a bike with books on it! Of course I love that. 

It is so nice having some space again and not keeping my home reno stuff in the corner of my room! The poor desk has already become overloaded with books. (Though I keep my tank tops in the drawers, I'm a girl with a lot of clothes lol.)

What do you think of my thrift shop redo? :)

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  1. I love it! I'm sure it looks great with your dresser too! I like that you left the top the original wood finish - it'll hold up better that way too. Plus it's so purty! =) Oh, bicycles and books in the same art piece?! That just screams Meaghan! I love all of the artwork you've been adding!


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