The Counter Attack

It has finally happened! My counter tops are fully installed! I am going to do a few touch-ups and redos before I post a new "Kitchen Tour" picture page but for now... Let me just show you the final before and afters! 

The initial look of the kitchen in 2008: 

And after my second remodel of the cabinets back in 2010/2011:

My absolute favorite part!! How it looks now:

Bahhhh I can't even get over how holy-crap pretty these are! I seriously sped home as fast as possible from work so I could hang out with my counter tops! (Though ignore the over flow on the bar area. It was a catch-all during this process.) Remember last week when I pointed out that funky spot under the end of the bar? It was a big ole gap but now! It is fully filled in and I even added tile wallpaper on the right side of the counters instead of getting an end chunk of countertop, I think it looks better.

Even the cat liked em! Actually she got caulking on her fur. Which she wasn't a fan of. Therefore she had to lay on the counter until I served her properly and cleaned it up. 

Here's a run down of the things I kept from 2008 and the things that are new. I have to say so far this is one of the biggest impact projects I've done so far!

New vs. Old:

  • old hardware, just spray painted with oil-rubbed bronze.
  • old cabinets, painted with crisp white paint. (Does require maintenance of paint but worth it)
  • old sink. Just a couple repairs and it was solid again.
  • old stove. It works, it works for me.
  • new counters!
  • new back splash. I used tile looking paintable wallpaper by Allen Roth from Lowe's. The old stuff was twenty cent bathroom tile.
  • new fridge and dishwasher
  • new wall color
  • new switch plate and outlet covers
  • new light fixture (might update it again though, that one was $3.00 on clearance but it is rather modern for this space now.)
  • new window covering

Now I just have to figure out something for the "L" shaped bar area. I thought it'd be fine with the new counters. But now... that looks trashy compared to all the other remodel work I've done recently.

Here's really the only picture of it I have: 

The problem is the strange shape of the counter. To buy a piece of laminate that matches and then chop it up just seems ridiculous. It would cost a lot of money. I'm sort of thinking to take some wood and build a surface. It has to be relatively light since the cabinets aren't the most solid things ever.

Here's a couple images for the overall look I'm thinking:

Obviously those are a little fancier than what I would probably go with. But I think the contrast is nice and would keep the cottage feel of the house and add some desperately needed character to my house. "Do all things with character!" 

For instance I found an example of someone doing their entire counters with wood and then staining and sealing, I think that could look awesome!

I am excited to update that portion but one big project at a time is probably for the best. Not having countertops and microwaving dinner in my dining room wasn't my favorite experience. 


  1. They look amazing! I want to come rub my face all over them! The whole kitchen looks so much more updated and Meaghan-ish now. I really like the idea of using wood for the bar counter. I think that would look really good. I'm planning on making a wood counter for our laundyr room (like that last picture), so if you could finish that project immediately so I can copy you, I'd appreciate it! hee hee!

  2. This look amazing! The before and after pictures are incredible! :) I have read tutorials on people painting their counter tops to look like granite or something fancy - like with multiple colors and sponges and what not. Here's one tutorial - I've always wanted to do that but our counter tops are already nice, dang it! :) You should do that and take lots of pictures so I can live my experience through you :)

  3. So, did I miss this; what type of countertops are these? They look really beautiful! Love them.

    1. Thank you! They are actually just stock laminate from Lowe's but they were the slightly higher grade ones. Worth the extra cash! :)


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