This Messy Re-Vamp: A New Journey

It has been a very long time since I have made any blog posts. Obviously, I guess, right? There's a number of reasons that I haven't felt compelled to write a post and a couple things I plan to do about it.

The top five reasons I haven't blogged:

1. I'm poor. When I first started blogging in 2008 I was super pumped- I mean seriously so excited! I had a new house! a new college! new roommates! new boyfriend! freedom! I had so many things I wanted to do to my house to make it a cute version of all the blogs I saw online or the pictures on Pinterest. The hard part? All those things cost money and it isn't feasible to redo rooms over and over because you want to keep your blog going.

2. I can't say no. This is a terrible problem, and I am definitely working on it. I agreed in my first 3 years of teaching to do too many things at the same time. I was worried that if I said "No" I might get fired, non-renewed, people wouldn't like me, any number of things. Reality is, none of the above things are true. I'm stepping away from a few responsibilities to focus on my personal life, coaching, and teaching career.

3. Discouragement. I feel as though discouragement is a product of the first two. I didn't feel like I could write anything anyone but my mom would want to read, so, what was the point? I lost sight of the fact that I enjoy writing my blog, even if no one really reads it. I love having an outlet for my creativity that goes beyond just who I am as a professional educator.

4. Intimidation. Dude. For real. There are some AWESOME blogs out there. They're letters are cool, their headers are cool, they have 6.89 billion followers on Instagram. They have newsletters. They're #bombdotcom. That can be a scary thing to feel like you're up against. I sort of doubt my little tiny segment of the internet will ever get that big. Which is fine! I think it might be easier that way.

5. Burn out & disappointment. The result of all of the above. I started feeling more disappointed in myself and the things I hadn't done for my blog or for myself in the last few years that I could keep writing.

What I plan to do about it:

1. Read some blogs and get inspired. I've spent the last few weeks talking to my Best Blog Friend Forever, Sam, at Away She Went. She recently revamped her blog and brought new life to it that has been super exciting to follow. Find a few blogs that I love to read and want to be active with will help me find inspiration.

2. Revamp the "niche" or purpose of my blog. I love doing home remodeling and DIY projects, but I've owned my house for 8 years (as of May) and am nearly out of major projects that need to be done. Now we're down to the boring and expensive stuff like repainting the exterior, getting new blinds, fixing the car port, putting up a privacy fence. The major stuff is finished. Plus, I spend more of my time trying to live simply, my boyfriend and I are shifting to a more natural vegan lifestyle, and I am a full-time teacher. I think finding a way to shift my focus will really help me reconnect to the writing that I love to do.

3. Give myself some grace. I don't have to have the most #totesamaze blog on the planet. There will always be someone in a better situation that can do something cooler, create something better, or be wittier then I am. That's okay. Popularity shouldn't be my motivation anyway.

So, my plan is to get it together and get my blog going again for the right reasons this time. I'm going to get a redesign, clean up old posts and categories, and do something that I love. I am excited for a re-vamp and redirecting my blog to be more about living a simplified fulfilling life.


  1. I know you wrote this about yourself, but it's totally how I've been feeling about blogging lately too. I haven't blog very much this year because I was starting to get discouraged about the whole process. I kept wondering why I was even bothering spending all this time writing/editing pictures when I wouldn't get a single comment on a post, like my travel post about Florence. But then I remembered that I enjoy writing and blogging. I want to capture those moments and memories for me, so I can go back and remember the little things that happened on a trip or how a room has evolved in my house. I just had to accept that I'm blogging for me and that I'll probably never be a big time blogger (probably not a bad thing). Anyway, as you probably noticed I've finished my pity party and started blogging regularly again. Right now it's big house projects, but I definitely want to transition to more lifestyle posts too. I think that'll be a great transition for you as well!

    I love your "Give myself some grace" point. It's so true about blogging...and life in general. Plus you're amazing and I'd rather read your blog than some big time blog's 100 sponsored posts. You're authentic and enthusiastic about what you're writing, which is starting to become rare in the blog world. I'm excited to have you back blogging and can't wait to read whatever you come up with!

  2. Hi. I have been anxiously awaiting a new blog post. I read your blog "cover to cover". I enjoyed it immensely. Not saying I don't read other blogs, I do. I enjoy your blog because I love in a manufactured home and the interior is a different breed than stick homes. I have yet to find a blog quite like yours that has answered many questions (like wtf do I do with those strips?!) and have learned a lot from your blog. I so far have painted my kitchen walls and removed a few of the strips but haven't mudded them. A backsplash is going in.
    Sorry for the ramble but I can't wait to read more!


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