Summer 2016: Goals, Bro

Now that I've got the blog back up and running with some changes. I think some goal setting is definitely in order! Since it's the last week of school for me (I'm teaching summer school) that means these are going to be specific summer goals. Let's see what we can make happen!

House Goals:
  • Keep the place clean. Sorry, reality is, that's a thing. 
  • Repair chain link fence
  • Install privacy fence along the back of the lot
  • Repaint deck awning roof
  • Successfully combine boyfriend things and my things
  • Set up a "Dude" space for Brennan
  • Set up a blogging and computer space for me
  • Optimize storage
  • Clean out storage shed (sell unneeded items!)
  • Increase efficiency in the house. 

Personal Goals:

  • Read at least 4 novels! I have an entire box that I want to read, but to at least get a few knocked out would be magical!
  • Join a club or group, even if it's a digital blogging group! (Any suggestions? Comment them below!)
  • Make fitness more of a habit. Not just FitnessWholePizzaInMyMouth, but being active at the gym and outdoors.
  • Take the dogs on more walks and focus on their training more intentionally. They're barky little assholes sometimes.
  • Enjoy the great state of Colorado that I live in more often and more thoroughly!

Finance Goals:

  • Use energy and such in the house more efficiently to cut down on expenses.
  • Pay of Sebastian's Vet bills! ($2100.00. ugh. PETS!)
  • Use cash ONLY.
  • Build a couples budget that works!
  • Consistently use the budget program to keep track of expenses and bills. I've used it for about a year and so far LOVE it. For not-so-mathy people like me, it really helps to visualize and see where my money is going and what it is doing. 
Blog Goals:
  • Post once a week.
  • Revamp social media presence
  • Maybe get 5 new followers?
  • Make 1 new blog friend!
  • Get some great new pictures of the casa for the Home Tour tab!

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  1. I love making goals! I think yours are definitely achievable and I can't wait to see your progress over the summer. Maybe I should make some summer goals too!


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