Eastward Bound & Down: Relocating a Life

It has been nearly 365 days since my last post, meaning that mostly just my  mom will see this. But hey, that's fine! My mom is pretty awesome!

As of this month I have officially owned my home for 9 years and it has been a remarkable experience. I was able to go to college, learn to install my first dishwasher, remodeled my first kitchen, replaced counters, installed flooring, and repainted the living room and bathroom 3 or more times. It has been totally wild, but it is time to announce that I am officially selling my house in Grand Junction, Colorado and moving my entire life to Denver. Like all the other millennials in the entire United States. However, I would like to claim that I am already from Colorado- so it's less annoying.

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We are so excited to go! Brennan (BB) and I have found a rental and I have found a new teaching job over there. It's a scary big move but we're excited. We have been working really hard to get our house market ready and I will be sure to do a blog post about that soon.  Here's us looking all cute and stuff at the Denver Botanical Gardens:

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If you have any tips or advice for making a move to a new city please share it with me! I could use all the help I could get. I've grown up in Grand Junction and have never been anywhere else. It's an exciting change. 

Here are the big things I'm excited about:
  • More stuff to do (Red Rocks Amphitheater, Baby!)
  • Closer proximity to family
  • Better work to life balance.
  • New house has a large backyard and a garage! (YAY!)
  • Master's Degree opportunity.
  • More time to bloggggg!
Any tips from people who have moved and downsized? What did you do to sell your house fast and get settled into a new city?

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  1. BBFF! I'm so excited to see a new post from you! I've been reading your updates on Facebook about the move, but of course I love the additional details. Selfishly, I'm happy that you are moving to Denver because it's way easier to visit. Adam and I had so much fun in Boulder, so I think it would be easy to convince him to go back to Colorado. Anyway, I'm excited to see the new place and see how you decorate it. I hope you start blogging more too because I miss your posts!


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