5 Best Resources for Your First Big Move


To view images more successfully on Google Chrome, keep your zoom setting at 90%. Working to resolve the issue! This whole moving thing has been a bit of a challenge. Now,  that might seem obvious but I have to tell you a true and honest confession: the last time I moved was from my parents house to my current house. A mile away. Nine Years Ago. Which, ultimately, means it doesn't count.  I've put together a list of sources from a variety of places to help out other people who may be in a similar situation- or at least that need some help narrowing down the field!

I've turned to friends and family for a lot of help and guidance on what to do to get my house sold as well as have an organized and manageable move to Denver. Here are some of the best tips and tricks I've heard of or found on Pinterest thus far:
  1. This blog post from Making Lemonade has been an awesome resource! I literally went out and bought the stickers for each room immediately. It has made a big difference! I luckily work at a high school and have thus far avoided having to buy any boxes. But seriously. Click here to check out all of her great advice.
pinning these genius moving hacks and tips to make our next move easier!

 2. This website has a great infographic for helping you map out a timeline of your move. That has been a huge help for me! I had no idea where to start and this definitely made a big difference! It helped me keep from getting overwhelmed in these last four weeks before the move. Check out the image below but to read the entire article go to the original source Hire a Helper .

3. Since we had the great timeline for moving we were able to get a jump start on cleaning out the house and getting rid of unwanted items. After having had a series of roommates for the first 6 years of living in the house I had a strange variety of items that I didn't personally ever purchase or need. For example: 3 sets of pots and pans. I like to cook but it was way too much. So my friend and I were able to camp out in her garage for three days and sell some of our stuff. We made a pact that anything that didn't sell went to the thrift shop after. I think we made just over $600 total. There were definitely things we should have done better but this blog post here at Wholefully made it much easier for us to get it all figured out! 

I mean for real, we were eating waffles we were so prepared. 

4. BB and I are definitely downsizing in terms of square footage for this house. It was a trade off, we get a larger private backyard and garage, one less bathroom and bedroom. Downsizing was certainly something we had to look into and be aware of. Here are a couple great references for making the most of it:
  • The first great source for going from 2000 to 980 sq ft (my downsize isn't that dramatic but it is great advice regardless!). Check it out and the source to the image below here!

  • An additional great source to help with the psychology of going to a smaller space or just getting rid of a lot of extra clutter and stuff is Money Can Buy Me Happiness. The article is really refreshing and inspiring. Click the link above to see the article and the source for the image below! 

5. Trendy Millennial Minimalism: For Real Life Millennials. I have a confession- I know minimalism is a trend right now for my generation. But I have personally really started to embrace it. Living with a guy who has packed all his stuff in a duffel bag and moved to Hawaii for 6 months really helps change your perspective. All of the stuff we are packing to move is basically MY STUFF. It's really weird to think about. There are a lot of great sources for starting the minimalism idea (I'm not going full in and only having 33 clothing items) and you can adjust it to meet your own needs for this life. 

Read the full article and it's takeaways here!

I've becoming addicted to YouTube since I've been able to stream it on my TV. Here is a great compilation of YouTubers that are all about that Minimalist Life. Check out the list and full article here!

Hopefully this helps anyone else out there that was a bit overwhelmed after making the final decision to make a big move! If you have any other great resources- drop them in the comments below for others to see! 

I suppose I'll go pack some stuff now. 

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