Making Our Rental Feel Like Home: Bedroom & Bath

I won't lie to you, friends, I very seriously miss my GIGANTIC old bedroom, huge closet, attached master bath, and wood floors. I loved that I had room for a chair, bed, dressers, desks, nightstands... all the things. However, what I've quickly realized since we moved is that we don't really need all of those things. In many ways it is much easier to keep the bathroom cleaned without it, I have less places to stack items I don't need in the bedroom, and cleaning is much faster with less floor to mop or vacuum. 

Our new room is probably just over half the size of our old one. Here's a small angle of what the master looked like when we first toured:

We repainted and rehung the curtain rod to the ceiling and lightened the curtains. 

At one point at our old house we had a small sofa, a desk for my nightstand, a dresser for Brennan's nightstand, the full length brown dresser, my tall white dresser, and the dog kennels fit in the closet. Now, it is a bit more condensed. We have just the two dressers and my nightstand. The dog kennels are stacked like bunk beds in the corner, and we have no additional furniture beyond that. It works and it covers all our basic needs. The big window with some IKEA curtains makes the room seem lighter and airier. 

Master bedroom paint color: Goodnight Kiss by Valspar in Eggshell

Our one bathroom also has been an interesting investigation into our true "NEEDS" vs "WANTS" in the bathroom sector. At least this room has great white tile on the walls and shower and good tile. The counter is an odd short height and I wish that it had more storage in the vanity but, there's not much room to make a mess and it is actually the cleanest room in our entire house nearly all the time.

Remember when we first looked at it:

It had that same peanut butter color on the walls and the previous tenants used some dark colors to decorate with. Brennan painted the walls a lighter color to accent the white tiles, we bought a storage shelf for in the shower to keep bottles contained and out of the window sill, added a vintage mirror over the towel bar (because the other one is at an awkward height and you can't do make up in it), and added more storage systems to make it functional. This summer I'm planning to redo that cabinet over the toilet and give it a refresh. It's pretty worn out so I'm sure some paint and new handles would do it good. I even have some of that left over already from our previous house. 

We added the long white curtains we had in our guest bath at our old house for shower curtains and put them as high up towards the ceiling as we could go, I think it makes it look a little more airy and glamorous, personally.

We added a basket for additional TP next to the toilet to make it a little bit cuter and provide us with somewhere to put the stuff. At our old house we had an extra vanity specifically for TP.

This little bucket and shelf are from IKEA. We used extra hooks from the shower curtain to put extra hair ties and such on so that we'd have another shelf for storage. I keep my little lotions, creams, and other small products in these for easy access but also to keep it out of the way off the counters.

I love all of my nail polish so much, so putting it on the wall and utilizing vertical storage for it all makes it more accessible and much easier to use. Plus it's not filling one of the drawers somewhere (which this bathroom has zero drawers, which is even better).

We keep our toothbrushes and hand soap contained to this little dish that we picked up at a thrift shop. The electric toothbrushes hold their charge for awhile for we only charge them when we need to and then put the charger away later. We have different colored bases, so don't worry, we don't get confused!

We use these giant containers to hold cotton balls and make up applicators, I put all my brushes and tools into this tin for easy storage, also. The little shelf isn't good for much (partly because of the weird detail thing) so we just keep small creams and our fake succulent plant. haha.

I also tend to buy soap in bulk and it can be tricky to store, so I unwrapped the bars and put them into a hurricane vase I got at the thrift store a long time ago. It also made it smell really nice in the bathroom. Plus, it's super easy to grab a bar from the shower when you're tired and realize that you need one. Which is me, every morning, because mornings.

Bathroom products: 
  • Shower curtains: IKEA
  • Assorted vases and tin containers: Thrift shops, yo!
  • Spice rack for nail polish: Target 
  • Shelf & bucket on hooks: IKEA

Bathroom paint color: Filmy Green by HGTV in semi-gloss

What do you think of downsizing your space? What did you notice during the journey?


  1. I'm excited to finally start seeing your new house! It's a bummer that you don't have more space/storage area, but probably for the best. It'll keep you from having too much crap like I do! I love the idea of putting the soap next to the shower! So smart!

    1. It is a super challenge sometimes. I realllyyyy miss all the room at my old house. And the wood floors! But, I definitely don't go shopping for decorations or items as much as I used to. It is a cute space that works for us right now, though!


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