28 Facts About Me On My 28th Birthday

Oh man, my 28th birthday is today! Friday the 13th. Whatwhat! I was also born on Friday the 13th, which was also Good Friday that year. Ha. I always think that is a fun fact about me. Especially when I tell my freshmen students, they get a little nervous. A good spot to have them in!

Just kidding!

Now that it is basically my birthday, here are 28 random factoids about me you may not know:
1. I have two mini-schnauzer dogs. I think they are the best things ever. They are ridiculous. We decided to give them old man names since they have funny beards. Carlyle Thomas and Sebastian Harold.

2. The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite movie. My students absolutely love it and I have all kinds of mermaid memorabilia in my classroom to show for it. Including a mermaid bubble machine.

3. Brennan and I got engaged before we got pregnant. I blame too much wine and whiskey over Thanksgiving Break

4. Speaking of engagement, Brennan proposed at Mt. Rushmore in front of my favorite group of presidents. Read all about that amazing day here. It was so thoughtful and unique.

5. My dad is in most of our photos on the day of our engagement wearing a bright orange shirt. I think it's hilarious.

6. I'm addicted to podcasts. I've been listening to parenting, Dave Ramsey, and "Stuff Mom Never Told You." Brennan and I also like to listen to cold case podcasts in the summer.

7. I read, A LOT. I had to buy a Kindle because we completely ran out space to store my book collection. Whoops.

8. Brennan and I met in college but reconnected a few years later on Tinder. We both swiped right.

9. I always sit on the floor. I don't like to disturb my beautiful pillows on the couch.

10. I have 3 planners because I love them and I love lists. I have my everyday planner (specially designed by Brennan from Erin Condren LifePlanner for Christmas, a lesson planning planner for school, and a separate blog planner.

11. We eventually want to live on enough land to have a couple rescue animals.

12. I've always dreamed of getting mountain property and putting a tiny house on it. I'd love to design and organize that space.

13. I never have stuff on the floor but I do stack stuff on every other surface. Chairs, tables, desks. Worst habit. I'm working on that.

14. My engagement ring is ethically sourced and engineered. We found it through Etsy and it is handmade by Rosados Box and I LOVE it. It's so pretty. Also, affordable.

15. I've never traveled out of the country even though I have a passport. It expires next year. Damn.

16. One of my favorite getaways is to Ouray, Colorado at the beautiful hot springs resorts there. There's a gorgeous bed and breakfast we like to stay at, Wiesbaden Hot Springs & Spa.

17. Brennan does all the cooking at our house. Guy can find anything in the cabinet and turn it into a beautiful and creative meal. It's remarkable.

18. Sometimes when I'm at the house alone I don't turn on any TV, radio, or sound. Sometimes I really enjoy the solace of the silence.

19.  My decorating style is sort of a modern vintage. I love fresh clean whites mixed with stained wood and vintage pieces. I think throwing in some clean lines and geometric shapes adds some fun extra elements to it also.

20. I can't stand how TVs look. We have a gigantic one in our living room that we inherited from my aunt and uncle. Brennan loves it. Compromise. It's a thing.

21. I love documentaries and period piece TV shows and films. The Crown, Alienist, MissRepresentation- anything like that is my jam. Sometimes in the summer when I'm at home I will just watch documentary after documentary.

22. I love plants. At our new house I seem to only be able to get spider plants to grow. Not sure what is going on, hopefully we can get some more over the summer. My mom has an amazing green thumb, maybe I will ask her for help!

23. We were originally supposed to get married this summer on June 9th. We decided to move the wedding back a year after finding out we were pregnant. I didn't want to have to cram myself into my dress at 7 months pregnant.

24. I'm not a very good dancer. Brennan is amazing but something about me not liking to let others lead or something? Oops. #stronglady

25. I'm actually a pretty tall chick, I'm 5'9". I used to hate it in high school but now I really love it. Sometimes when I stand next to other people I tower over them and that is a little weird.

26. White sheets and bedding are my jam. I love em. Thus, I love bleach also.

27. I seem to collect a lot of chapstick and lip product. I have 3 different types in each of my bags.

28. I believe in hand written "Thank You" cards after a party or receiving a gift. It's a small gesture to show someone you appreciate them.

I hope you all enjoy your Friday the 13th and have a wonderful weekend! We find out our baby's gender on Saturday at our party and I'm so excited! #BabyBelloni

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