5 Helpful Podcasts for New Moms

Becoming a mom has been completely unexpected for me. We were engaged in August and I was in the throes of planning our dream wedding when- SURPRISE - we found we were pregnant in early December. We originally were supposed to get married this June but decided to postpone.

I'm a person that likes to do research and gather as much information as possible about things that are going on so I've been listening to a lot of great parenting podcasts and mom podcasts. It's been a huge help! It makes me feel less alone and more excited about this new adventure.

1. Parenting On Purpose

Parent on Purpose is an awesome podcast because it is really practical parenting advice and solutions. What I particularly like about it is the "30 Imperatives" of parenting that they discuss and move through. They have a faith base to all of them but they are also super realistic. I really appreciate the one that discusses the power of NO. Each of the 30 are only 15 minutes and have sparked a lot of conversations between Brennan & I. Which has been awesome as we prepare for this journey together! Read more about what they do and what they discuss at their website here!

2. The New Parent Podcast

I just started to subscribe to this particular podcast but so far I really enjoy it! There is a wide range of topic areas they discuss and all of them are focused on the transition into parenthood. For me, this new idea/process has been really challenging. I had planned to be a bride and a new wife, but not necessarily a mom. I appreciate all of their discussions about topics such as balance, being a working mom, and postpartum identity. There's more information and details about each of their podcasts at their website here!

3. God Centered Mom Podcast

This is also a new podcast I've been listening too. They've got a ton of episodes which I think is always nice because you can kind of pick and choose which ones you want to listen to that day. They talk about all sorts of issues such as entitlement, guilt, mom shaming, motherhood with a career, and identity as a mom. It is obviously also faith based but I think that gives it a bit more of a feel of community and they also have a really great website of resources here! I really recommend this podcast for any mom. 

4. Newbies: New Moms, New Babies

I love this podcast! It answers all kinds of questions I feel kinda dumb asking. Like swaddling (I didn't really even know what that was beforehand), diaper rashes, things that can happen during birth (terrifying) and all things new baby. It is awesome. I really have found it to be such a great resource for all things and has given me a little bit more confidence as we get nearer and nearer to our little homie making their appearance. Check out their website here! This podcast is also sponsored by Pregnancy Magazine which means they have a lot of resources and insight they access during their casts.

5. Pregnancy Confidential

This podcast is specifically designed for those in the throes of being pregnant and there's a short podcast for each week of pregnancy. All the apps and newsletters and websites are great, but it has a fun feel to it that some of those resources are lacking. This is a group of ladies from Parents Magazine that share their own stories about everything from awkward conversations to what to register for and share an anecdote from each week that makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends rather than just reading an impersonal website. Check out their podcast and different topics for each week here at their website!

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