Backyard Gender Reveal Party

We have finally discovered the gender of our baby! It was a really long 22 weeks of not knowing what was going on up in there. We were able to put our Gender Reveal Party on my birthday weekend which was kind of a fun combination! We had a lot of wonderful friends and family that joined us for the weekend!

Since it was a small get together, about 20 people, we decided to keep the festivities small and pretty tame. We used our chalkboard collection and some dollar store tassel banners to decorate. Otherwise, the reveal image was the star of the show! I'll show you that later in this post. It was really awesome.

I am notorious amongst my students for my absolutely love of all things Little Mermaid and Brennan is well known for loving his Dallas Cowboy football team. So we decided to have our party inspired by that. As folks came in for the party we asked them to cast their vote for the gender using paint chips and throwing them in the basket.

Total count for Cowboy: 17. Mermaid: 12.

Our friend, Lauren, set up the ultrasound images on our TV to show off the baby. Though, I'll tell ya, those are some funky looking images. If they weren't labeled it would be almost impossible to tell what is what part. 

Brennan's sweet Grandma made these fun cakes for us (and they're vegan!) they're super sweet and adorable. Totally love them. I have already finished eating the entire blue one. hehe.

Our friends and family joined us for the celebration. Including the newest member of my BFF's family, little Zoey!

Brennan's brother created this super fun reveal image for us! He created a board and frame with some solid building materials and filled up a bunch of paint balloons with various colors. He asked the grandparents to throw the balloons and break them on the canvas.

 Good thing we added in the plastic behind it because it got rather messy pretty quickly! It was really fun to see our parents throw the different balloons and get them to break!

We peeled back the protective cardboard in the middle to reveal the gender! We have had names picked out for a long time and under all the fun paint was the name of our baby boy! Lincoln Arthur!

We were all so excited to see it! I will be posting the video on Facebook later on so that you can catch the moment along with us! It was so fun to have spent the time with family and sharing this special moment.

It was even better because my amazing parents flew in from Arizona to surprise me on Thursday night before my birthday to spend the weekend with us! It meant so much that they took the time off to join us in our celebration and be there for the reveal. They are now going to have two grandsons!

We were pretty excited right after! Brennan's hands were covered in paint from moving the reveal image around so I wouldn't let him touch me in my white dress.

Here's our official photo showing our excitement (fear not, he's touching my hand, not my dress).

I can't believe that we have a little guy on the way in just a few months! I suppose everyone that voted "Cowboy" was right, ey? It was so much fun and one of the happiest weekends I've experienced in a really long time. I am even more invigorated to work on our sweet nursery through the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge! Check out the progress so far from week one here and week two here!


  1. Yay! So excited for you guys! I'm excited to see how/if you switch up the nursery plans now that you know!


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