Nursery & The One Room Challenge

I'm linking up to the Spring One Room Challenge 2018 with one of my best blogging friends Sam at Away She Went Blog. She always inspires me to do the things so, here we go. What better reason, right?

We've decided to turn our second bedroom from a guest room/office into a nursery for the baby when it gets here. We luckily have a great landlord who lets us customize our space and, since we're staying for sure another year, we figure we may as well make baby comfy in the meantime. Right now, it is a hot filthy mess. Luckily we've got a few months left to get it all together.

Full disclosure: The following photos may trigger you into organizing your entire house. If this mood strikes you please let me know in the comments below and you can use that passion on this room! just kidding of course... but... here is a picture of the room as it is currently:

Oh yeah, for real. It is embarrassing. In one corner there is my desk hidden, against the wall is furniture and items for the baby, the closet is stuffed full of wedding items. None of it is organized, none of it is set up or put together. This is one of the ugliest and most disorganized spaces I've ever had in my possession.

We did discuss moving again this summer to a larger three bedroom. There's even one next door for rent! But it seems to be smarter to stay put and keep at a lower rent amount while we adjust to the changes our budget will face with a baby. Also, its comfortable, we're settled, it has ample room. If we need more storage for wedding items or furniture, there are storage units nearby for $50/month. Though I hate spending money for our "stuff," some of what we are holding on to is vintage, heirloom, or other treasured pieces for our future home (such as the mattress/box spring, books, and bed frames). We culled quite a bit before we moved and have been good about not buying anything we don't need.

 We also don't really need the guest room since we live by Brennan's entire family now. So on the rare occasion my family comes and opts out of a hotel we have a couple air mattresses to accommodate that.

Things the room does need:
  • Lighter paint color
  • Better curtains (but with black out for more baby sleeps)
  • Rug
  • Rest of the furniture
  • Organization and storage options
  • Baby stuff
  • Lamps/lighting
Here are some of the images I've found through Pinterest that have inspired our baby room (click here to see the images and sources themselves):

I love the bold rugs and light crib with a long dresser. I want to do a glider chair with a pouf. I think it would be cozy and maybe let us use the pieces longer.  I'm also stealing the idea of the vintage postcards of National Parks. My family traveled every summer growing up to a different one and we definitely want to continue that tradition for our family.  Here's what I'm envisioning when I pull it all together:

It will be fun! I will likely change the rug depending on gender (WHICH WE FIND OUT IN ONE WEEK MY PEOPLE!), but the bold print idea seems fun.  It's just hard to find a spot to get started on cleaning it and organizing. Making a baby zaps my energy, which makes it even more of a challenge. I still need to figure out what to do with my computer and desk area. I can grade at the kitchen table, but what about blogging or homework for my masters? That is going to take some creativity to fit into this small space. It'll be worth it once it gets all sorted out. 

Don't forget to check out the Spring One Room Challenge 2018!

What were some of your baby must haves? What ended up being totally useless and you don't recommend?


  1. Yay! I'm so excited that you're linking up and I'll have someone to vent with! Although my bed got delivered yesterday, so I feel like maybe I won't get screwed over by deliveries like last year. Anyway, I love your mood board and the colorful rug! I can't wait to see your progress over the next few weeks!

    1. I am so excited to see what you do with that room! I wish I lived closer and I'd totally steal that desk from you that you have in there right now. lol.

  2. How exciting!!! A baby and the ORC ;) And what a fun room to share! Congratulations! I look forward to following along and seeing what you are having :)

    1. Thank you! We are incredibly excited! It's a bit scary but I think it will all be worth it!

  3. Congrats Meaghan! And thank you for your comment on my blog, I couldn't respond their for some reason? Can't wait to see how your gorgeous nursery turns out!


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