Nursery: Organization & Cleaning- ORC Week 4

We've been working hard on our nursery the past few weeks! To see all the progress check out week oneweek 2, and last week for all the changes and updates. It's been a lot of fun to see all the different varieties of work happening in all the other guest's different rooms! This challenge has definitely kept me motivated to see the project through to the end.

To-Do & Shopping List:
  • Lighter paint color
  • Better curtains (but with black out for more baby sleeps) Just need to hang up.
  • Rug
  • Paint crib
  • Rest of the furniture r
  • Organization and storage options
  • Changing station assembled
  • Lamps/lighting
  • Assemble crib 
  • Wall art
  • Organize closet
  • Accessories
  • Name art
  • Chair
  • Pouf/footstool- hoping for this one from my registry!
  • Smaller desk- likely this one from IKEA because we have a $50.00 gift card and it will adjust for when the baby grows up a bit and needs a little coloring desk or something. 
  • NEW Additions: 
    • Dresser
    • Shelves/Storage above desk for office supplies
    • Bigger bookcase???
    • More baskets for under changing table

We are definitely making some serious progress! For most of the wall art I did a little shopping around our house and in the garage where I've got some of my extra art stored for now. I did this to save some cash and also to get more items out of my storage area.

So ready for some progress? Let's start right when we look in through the door. One of the first things you see is the new desk area:

We got rid of the large table desk and replaced it with this smaller and more compact IKEA one. I already had those file folders so I went ahead and just slid some of the stuff I had out into those. They hold some of my binders and folders for teaching and my masters. And, let's be honest, to hide the other ugly office type stuff. The chair is an old church folding chair from one of my thrift store hunts. I love the old wood look of it in contrast with the white desk.

The next view is of the corner of the room. We got the crib all put together with the bedskirt and new sheet from Burt's Bees. In the crib we also put Brennan's childhood teddy bear and a cute bike pillow. Of course when baby is in there those items will be removed, but they look cute for now!

We pulled this chair in from the living room that I showed on last week's ORC post. I'm still conflicted over the chair placement. I sort of want to swap the chair and changing table. I haven't committed yet.

Behind the door we hung the reveal image and I used this old coffee cup holder that I've had since high school to hang some of his sweet outfits on! There's a tiny cap that his Grandma knitted for him, some adorable OshKosh overalls, and a white onesie. I'm sure we'll add even more to it once we collect more outfits but for now! It looks real cute. I would like to get an over-the-door hook thing for the main bedroom door to keep some blankets or other items on and have handy.

We finally made some progress on the closet! We pulled out all of the boxes of wedding gear and stacked the extra bedding and suitcases in. It's still a bit cramped so there's some things that probably need to be rearranged but we at least have enough that we can hang up some of the small outfits or other items that we get.

Here is the full view of the window side of the room. We put up these nice thick curtains and just need to add knobs to the changing table. This is where I'm not sure if I want the chair under the window or the changing table. It's hard to decide. There is also that awkward dark corner on the right. Currently it is housing the basket that will hold baby blankies or toys and the hamper for the dirty outfits.

I was excited to play with some of the styling and bought this cute "B" on clearance at Michaels, along with the salt lamp, for really cheap. His last name starts with "B" so we felt like it would work! My mom and I found the cool little vintage globe at the local Goodwill. Goes great with the travel theme!

Though this isn't in the nursery, Brennan's grandma and father retrieved the heirloom high chair for us! We got it cleaned up and it is sitting in the dining room waiting for another little baby butt to sit in it. It was Brennan's dad's and all of Brennan's siblings and him used it as well. We love pieces with a good story and this one is just awesome. 

Wondering where all the wedding stuff from the closet went? Well. First it went to the living room and took up the whole place...

Andddd now it is all staged in the garage. Which means I have to park outside. Boo. But we are getting a storage unit to give us a bit more breathing room and keep our wedding stuff safe. Our next step is to pick up some more plastic tub boxes and take them out of the cardboard ones. We know this will make it safer to haul and avoid damage. This may have to wait until the school year is out.

4.5 weeks from today. That's when school is out. But who is counting?

It feels great to have the space a bit more cleaned up so that the next couple weeks of the challenge are really just about focusing on cleaning, organizing, creating storage for his wee little clothes, and getting the layout right. Here's to hoping it all comes together and I don't make my collection in the garage too much larger. haha. Otherwise, I may have to do a "Recovering from the One Room Challenge, Challenge." 

We could be on to something here. 

I can't wait to see all the other projects from the great people linking up! Make sure you stop over and check out all the rooms and ideas on the One Room Challenge!

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  1. I love how it's coming together! I was a little skeptical about how you were going to fit a desk area in there too, but it looks so great! I definitely shouldn't have doubted your skillz :) I can't wait to see it finished!


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