5 Prenatal Work Outs on YouTube

I don't know about you guys, but being pregnant hasn't been a time where I've felt my sexiest. I'm sure each person has a very different and unique experience- for me, it has been super hard.

One of the things that is highly recommended by doctors and physicians is to continue to exercise throughout pregnancy. It makes it easier for birth, weight gain, the aches and pains of your body changing, and helps with the stress and anxiety of this crazy time period in your life.

We have been working on trimming our budget down a lot in order to anticipate Lincoln's arrival and one of the things we did cut was our gym membership. I haven't had the energy to use it and drive there since I've got a bit of a longer commute this year and next. Also, I am not as comfortable going to the gym with a baby belly. Shallow? Probably. But true.

Instead! I shut my blinds and have been doing some great work outs at home! Here are some of my favorite work out YouTube videos for prenatal exercise! *Make sure to check with your doctor on any work out regiments or routines.*

1. BodyFit by Amy 

Amy is super awesome! I don't always know all the fancy names for the work outs and she walks you through each step and gives you great modification ideas. She also works in a lot of breaks throughout. Each work out ranges from about 25 to 35 minutes. After a long day of work, that isn't terrible. You get in there, get out, and are already at home. You don't have an entire extra hour of having to drive to and fro and all that. I just throw the YouTube videos on to our TV using Google ChromeCast and it's great! She has strength work outs, pilates, and bodyweight workouts to fit where ever you are in your fitness journey.

I really enjoy these work outs also because well, they are also short! And I like that. I don't feel like I'm overdoing it and wearing myself out unnecessarily but I also can chose to add another session on if I want. She is also super encouraging and actually pregnant while she does the series, which makes me feel better, personally.

I enjoy this one because stretching and keeping your muscles as flexible as possible is super important all the time, but it seems like especially during pregnancy. This is another short 20 minute session that you can do in the morning or when you get home and will just help you all around. It's not over the top and she has a variety of videos on her channel that you can choose from depending on where you're at in pregnancy and in your fitness. Like it. Also, you feel less... clunky... doing yoga alone in your living room navigating your belly then you might in a studio with others. Maybe that's just me? lol.

Strength is a big one during pregnancy and this video is awesome (again, also a manageable length of time) for helping with that. My only major pregnancy symptom so far has been crippling sciatica pain in my lower back. As in, Brennan has to help pick me up because I can't stand well at all and my legs go numb. It really sucks. It also poses a huge challenge for when I go to give birth, I want to make sure I'm not neglecting all those components leading up. This YouTube channel also has a lot of great meal and lifestyle ideas to go with the work outs, too!

Barre is one of my favorite work out styles! It's exciting, adventurous, and definitely keeps you moving the entire time. I honestly didn't think there were any options for me to even try doing it while pregnant but this one has been great! It's not all the things that barre is so, if you enjoy it, after you have the baby and are in the all clear- check out a location near you! Groupon always has killer deals for different locations if you're in a city. Denver has a ton of great studios that fit your lifestyle!

Hopefully some of these videos will help you out! I know that I'e enjoyed getting to stay fit and healthy and not be embarrassed at a gym slugging my belly along with me everywhere. Plus, being able to manage when taking breaks and having someone else plan my workouts is bomb.com. 

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