One Room Challenge: Week 5

Friends, I have a confession. (Cue dancing Usher gif- circa 2006) I haven't made much progress on our nursery this week. We are in the final countdown to get done with the school year. 3.25 weeks, if you were wondering! And it's been a struggle to get all of us to the finish line. I've also decided to start taking on converting from my current blogging host to WordPress (Gods of Blogs, save me.) I think it is going to be a great move once I get it all figured out! I'm getting there! Also, it has been a beautiful week for weather in Colorado so we've spent a lot of time on yard work and cleaning up the patio for dinners and entertaining outside on the patio. 

So, here's a photo final list of all the things that we need to get finished. For actual progress check out week oneweek 2, week 3,  week 4 for all the changes and updates. Check out all the guest participants this week and see the amazing work they've done!

I' would like to get more of the wall art set up and established. We are waiting for now until after our Baby Shower to purchase or frame anything major because we aren't sure what we might get for gifts or what other vintage pieces we may come across. We are still aching to put up the vintage National Park travel photos.

Remember these from my inspiration post way back when?

We're working on finding on a dresser or hutch of some sort for this area and have been missing out on all the vintage style ones we've located on Craigslist, so that is still a journey. But we've gotten the globe and salt lamp! 
We also decorated the top of the bookcase somewhat, Brennan's dad brought over all of his old helmets from his childhood and though we don't plan to keep ALL 6 of those helmets, we picked out a couple of the really cool ones to keep. It works well with the space! I need to figure out where to put the sound machine and humidifier but, those technical pieces are for another day.

If you were wondering how gigantic a maternity pillow is, it takes up this whole chair and then some! However... super comfy. Wonderful. I will never give it up. The bassinet will also be moved to our room later on, but I just think its so cute.

Here is my dark and ugly corner in the room that I can't figure out. Do I move the bookcase here? Do I get a skinny dresser? Do I just accept it? I have no idea. Such indecision. Our room is small so we want to utilize all of the space really intentionally. Ugh. So hard.

I do like this one little wall area I was able to decorate and complete! My mom got us this cute hanging thing from Michael's. Brennan's brother travels a great deal and brought back a bunch of really great postcards! So we hung them on here along with a sweet pair of booties that Brennan's mom made! Hopefully over time we will be able to adds some postcards from our own travels with Lincoln. 

My mom also got him this adorable changing table cover that is constellation animals. Target, you sexy beast and all your cute things.

However... I still haven't decided on drawer pulls I like and haven't painted over that chunk I took out of it when I was assembling it. It got personal between the changing table and I. It hit me in the head. I said some things, it did some things. Brennan finished putting it together. I still need to get about 3 more bins to use for diapers, towels, and little things he'll need.

We did utilize the space underneath the crib to stash some goods also! His bathtub, a giant box of wipes, anddd some extra bedding. There's still a bit more space for extra diaper storage. Sebastian likes to check it out and see how it's going.

So, clearly, not too many changes but we have come leaps and bounds from where it was originally. I love the light that pours into that room in the morning and sometimes I sit on the chair in there and imagine what it will be like to hold my little baby boy in the space that was created just for him. 

Here's the list again (though mostly unchanged):

To-Do & Shopping List:
  • Lighter paint color
  • Better curtains (but with black out for more baby sleeps) Just need to hang up.
  • Rug
  • Paint crib
  • Rest of the furniture r
  • Organization and storage options
  • Changing station assembled
  • Lamps/lighting
  • Assemble crib 
  • Wall art
  • Organize closet
  • Accessories
  • Name art
  • Chair
  • Pouf/footstool- hoping for this one from my registry!
  • Smaller desk- likely this one from IKEA because we have a $50.00 gift card and it will adjust for when the baby grows up a bit and needs a little coloring desk or something. 
  • NEW Additions: 
    • Dresser
    • Shelves/Storage above desk for office supplies
    • Bigger bookcase???
    • More baskets for under changing table

Oh goodness, pregnancy has made me so sappy! Do you have any tips for shifting over to WordPress? Any other baby must haves I should make sure to utilize in our nursery?

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