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I bought my house back in May of 2008 with the assistance of my fabulous parents. I was 18. We did a major initial renovation of the floors, plumbing, and cosmetic wall painting before I moved in with my roommates in August of 2008. The house has 1250 square feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.This house has gone through some major renovations and changes in the last five years and has been one interesting adventure taking this 1980s manufactured foreclosed HUD home from trailer trash, to my fabulous first place.

all "before" photos taken during initial walk through with the realtor in February 2008. No electricity was hooked up and the house had been sitting empty for about 12 months. 

Front Yard Area:
This is the exterior front porch as we entered it for the first time, rotting steps and scary hanging bulb:

{Exterior Porch & Yard: Present Day}

Back "Yard" Area:

Side "Yard" Area:

{Living and Dining Room Space}
This is the main area of the house and it's all one large open space withe the living room and dining area created in a sort of "L" shape. The 80's trailer makers had a hayday on this living room and dining room area. Or at least the old people that owned it before I did had a good time. This has the most pictures to really give you an idea. Think two different types of carpet, half crappy paneling, prison striped ceilings, scary peely wall paper, and cat pee. Lots of cat pee and dirt.

After adding laminate wood floors, beadboard, and texturing the walls during the initial remodel it certainly gave the place a great new look. Recently I've done even more updating to really give the house the feel of twom, nm  fabulous twenty somethings that live in Colorado.

{Living Room: Present Day}

After updating the door and replacing the gnarly old ceiling fan with a pretty chandelier it definitely gave the room such much needed character. Painting out the jail cell ceilings and beam definitely added a lot of character as well. Local Colorado artwork and some DIY furbaby silhouettes really give it some personal style that reflect my sister and I's style.

{Dining Area: Present Day}

Making the cheap bar stools into these two-toned beauties and adding extra storage with the free-side-of-the-road buffet also made this space flow better with the main living area. The pretty chandelier helps quite a bit as well!


{Kitchen: Present Day}

The kitchen has gone through the most overhauls of all! It was about 6 weeks total to finish everything from start to finish and cost about $345.00 total, though that is likely to go up with needing to replace the counter tops in the summer of 2014. I painted out all the dated wood cabinets and the counters of course as well, a quick and easy DIY budget saver. Adding toe-kickswine glass storage, and spray painting the hardware gave the whole place an updated look. The appliances look better white in this space with a new fridge and dishwasher fitting in nicely. 

{Laundry Room Area}

{Laundry Room: Initial Remodel}

{Laundry Room: Present Day}

Back in 2011 I did a huge 2 week remodel of this space as well, oddly enough I did it before the kitchen. Building out a DIY laundry room counter and making custom storage for the litter box really helped maximize the efficiency of the space. Adding the new washer and dryer helped of course but so did the little things, like installing hardware on the cabinets and making the fuse box cover into a corkboard. I still need to replace the back door with a solid insulated option, perhaps without a window and cat door, oh, and no thumb tacked curtain. 

{Master Bedroom and Bathroom}

{Master Bathroom: Initial Remodel}

{Master Bathroom: Present Day}

This is still one of my favorite rooms. It's not creepy anymore! Yay! We did so much in here! 2011 was when this one happened also, a busy year for remodeling I guess. We painted the tall cabinet and the vanities white and dark brown in order to give it an updated look without having to actually buy new cabinets. Updated light fixtures really add a lot to this space. Some DIY gallery art and frames as well as spray painting the handles and updating the water closet area. Taking out the huge doors and building an inset jewelry display open up the space and give it some purpose.

                        {Master Bedroom: Initial Remodel} 

{Master Bedroom: Present Day}

I took down the stripes between the drywall, which is very traileresque. It was quite a story with me blowing up a shop vac in the process. Then it came down to new paint, organizing, and putting up some wall art. These present day photos reflect the room from 2011 through 2013, now in 2014 this room may be getting some changes as well, so stay tuned for that!

{Guest Bedroom I}

Guest Bedroom I: After Initial Remodel

{Guest bedroom I: Present Day}

This poor room has been so many things! It was a bedroom, then it was an office, then it was a bedroom for roommates again, and now it is a guest room/office area. Painting the stripes on the walls was hard but it is still one of my favorite features, luckily I was able to get them fixed with some left-over paint after my last (and final) roommate moved out for good! Adding furniture and wall art and moving the computer into this room really made a huge difference! I love having the extra space!

{Guest Bedroom II: Present Day}

This room also used to be occupied by roommates but it is now actually my sister, Ally's room. A previous roommate chose the wall colors but we are thinking that 2014 is a great time to really make the room more "her." Especially since she's here to stay for awhile! See how I got it all ready for her here.

{Guest Bathroom: Initial Remodel}

{Guest Bathroom: Present Day}

Painting the walls from the peanut butter color to blue and now to a fresh gray has really made this space feel updated. I painted out the cabinet and replaced the counter before I started blogging. A new potty and fresh tile during the remodel in 2008 keep this space light, airy, and still fresh! I love this space and it's one of the few I think is really "done." 

Remodeling, renovating, painting, and DIYing is less about knowledge sometimes and more about the willingness to learn new tricks, try new ideas, and enjoy being a home owner. Over my 5, almost 6 years, of home ownership I can definitely say I feel as though I have become even more independent in my single-lady-DIY skills and have become more comfortable to expressing my personal style. The year of 2014 will hopefully bring me further in this adventure and I plan to make bolder home decor choices, and of course, continue debunking the idea that all trailers and manufactured housing is trash! :)

Thanks for checking out my home tour! 

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  1. Wow! This is so impressive! What huge transformations! Great job, your house is beautiful!!



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